Villa Hostivar

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • ID Arch

In the world of design and architecture, the interplay of contrast and light is truly enchanting. Villa Hostivar, one of our remarkable realizations, is a testament to how these elements can dance together to create a space that's both modern and harmonious.

What sets Vila Hostivař apart is its captivating blend of elements. Oak wood brings a warm, natural touch that elegantly dances alongside the cool, industrial look of cement cladding, glass, and silver handrails. The result is a perfect harmony where nature and modern aesthetics seamlessly co-exist. But what really brings the atmosphere to perfection is the lighting. It adds a touch of magic and transforms every room in the villa into a realm of enchantment.

Modern, clean, and bright

Interiér vily Hostivař je čistý jako nepopsaný list papíru. Vyznačuje se 

The interior design of Vila Hostivař is a clean canvas. It's characterized by clean lines, Zen-like modernity, and an abundance of light. The entire concept is based on the interplay of geometry and lines, creating an interior that's both visually appealing and highly functional.

For the wood flooring, we chose Oakcent's Sand Collection. This collection is a delight for lovers of natural materials and brings you into daily contact with the beneficial energy of wood. The natural tones bring warmth and elegance to the interiors, embracing the morning light and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The timeless beauty of the Sand Collection

The light-colored floors of the Sand Collection add a minimalist and Zen essence to modern interiors. The natural character of this collection is timeless. It evokes the beauty of raw oak, a true classic. To ensure its enduring charm, we treat it with an eco-friendly, natural oil-based finish that provides protection without compromising its natural appeal.

The sand-colored wooden floor harmonizes effortlessly with the interior elements in the same shade, including furniture, windows, doors, and a particularly charming staircase.

Harmony of contrasts

The warm wooden staircase contrasts nicely with the cool silver handrail on the cement wall cladding, giving the villa an industrial touch. The glass sidewalls on the opposite side add to the futuristic feel, making the staircase an almost avant-garde element in the villa's design.

At OAKCENT, we believe in creating spaces that capture the heart and soul, where every detail tells a story of contrast and harmony. Vila Hostivař is a stunning realization that embodies our passion for creating spaces that are in touch with life.

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