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Oakcent delivers oak floors through advanced technology and craftsmanship. Along with custom production, we design and deliver perfect originals.

Final touch

The visual differences in oak flooring come down to the final step of the production process. We use a wide range of either pigmented or clear natural oils to achieve desirable color shades and effects. Or express your unconventional taste by choosing a flame-burnished surface.


The unconventional and demanding method of burning the oak with a flame creates powerfully authentic surfaces. Charring comes from the Japanese wood-burning technique of Shou Sugi Ban, which has been used as protection against weathering for many centuries.


An attractive darkening that will give the floor the patina of mature oak. Smoking highlights the captivating wood grain and increases its contrast.


A layer based on natural oils and waxes, created by a German family firm, is applied on a separate production line. This layer protects the wood and preserves its ability to breathe. Oiled oak floors provide everyday contact with nature. They are also easy to renovate.


Colored oils have the same qualities as natural oil and, thanks to mineral pigments, offer an infinite palette of colors. Choose the shade from the sample book, or let us mix it according to your wishes.

Floor surface

We create a touchable experience and unique floor characteristics through mechanical processing. A gentle brush, a significant relief made by hand planing, mitering with a saw or aging the wood can create the perfect vintage look.


This fundamental modification highlights the structure of the oak surface, polishes it, increases its resistance to mechanical damage, and enhances tactile sensations. We perform the brushing at several intensity levels.


Mitering creates transverse cuts on the surface of the boards, as when cutting on a band saw. It creates the effect of roughly processed material which is right at home in a rural-styled interior. With dark shades, it excels in industrially designed projects. The sawn surface better resists scratches and damages.


The planer imprints a unique impression on the surface. It can embody traditional craftsmanship or create a modern geometric relief. Planed oak pleasantly massages bare feet and highlights the uniqueness of your floor.


We plane the edges of the parquet with a hand planer. This creates irregular joint lines and enhances the plank effect of the floor.

Character and structure


Fine, decent wood grain without significant color contrasts or knots. It creates an elegant floor surface.


A lively, rustic character with more expressive drawing, color variation, and knots. A beautiful display of natural material.


A strong rustic character with knots, cracks, and the unrestrained elemental nature of oak wood. We offer putty for cracks and knots in various shades.


For the best results, we will select the right-sized floorboards for your interior. We produce widths of 125-255 mm and lengths of up to 3 m. For ambitious projects, we can also create opulent boards with a width of 300 mm and a length of 5 m.


The tread layer of Oakcent flooring consists of European oak. A birch multiplex provides a stable foundation. We glue the layers together using HotMelt technology under high pressure. This construction can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to interior humidity and temperature fluctuations. Choose the right construction according to the type of load and location in the interior.

12 mm

13 mm

15 mm

The pattern of laying

The layout of your wooden flooring is not just a detail; it's the very essence of your space. It's a symphony of wood and creativity. Choose from two of Oakcent's essential pattern collections: Heritage and Squares, or let your imagination run wild and create your own. While the HERITAGE collection is a tribute to tradition, the Squares collection is a fusion of precision, creativity and sophistication. SEE ALL PATTERNS COLLECTIONS

HERITAGE collection

Whether you want a sophisticated "tree" pattern with timeless appeal like Chevron, the herringbone style that has been popular for centuries to visually enlarge a room, or the clean, minimalism of Plank that never goes out of style, all these flooring designs have one thing in common - they are traditional flooring patterns that have been used in flooring craftsmanship for centuries. 
View HERITAGE collection

SQUARES collection

The second in the series of pattern collections is the Squares collection with a block pattern. The ingenious Dice, Fiber and Knit patterns will transform your space with a unique blend of precision, creativity, and ingenuity.

POLYGONS collection

The POLYGONS collection is the fusion of geometry and elegance in play and offers two captivating patterns: Cubes and Hexagons.


Let's create extraordinary things! Our technical background allows us to produce a variety of shapes and compositions: castle Versailles patterns, hexagons, checkerboards, colour combinations, and other unique expressions of your creativity. We help architects and customers find the best tailor-made solution.

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