This is oakcent

I play with my kids to keep myself young and so I never stop learning.
I sit down to be still and come up with brilliant ideas.
I play guitar to relax and fill the air with harmony.
I exercise my body and know I can do everything I set my mind to.

To spend precious moments of my life in sync with nature makes each day worth living!

Exceptional Wooden Flooring.
In touch with life.


“We direct a dialogue with architects; along with our clients, we discover new challenges and give interiors their unique character.”


From design to care


A 30-year tradition


In harmony with nature


We will guide you with ease through the entire process. When choosing a floor, an experienced specialist will take care of you. Together, you can easily decide all aesthetic and technical requirements. We will offer you the ideal selection experience in one of Oakcent’s showrooms.

Our long-term partners will take care of the professional installation. With this expertise, we can guarantee compliance with the correct procedures and the maximum lifespan of your floor. But it doesn't end there...

We want you to enjoy your time with Oakcent flooring worry-free for as long as possible! We will teach you how easy it is to properly care for a wooden floor and provide you with the natural-based means to do it.

We will repair or replace the entire planks if your floor is damaged.


We are a Czech family company. We are proud of our experience and technical background, which makes us one of the field’s European leaders.

We build on our own nearly 30-year woodworking tradition. We are honored to develop the rich history of wood processing in the Czech Republic and to participate in the industry’s future.

The entire wooden floor paneling and production process is in our hands. This is how we provide a superior guarantee and the benefits of custom production.

We provide a 10-year warranty on Oakcent floors.


We perceive wood as a precious raw material and try to use it perfectly. After all, oak can serve indoors for several generations, as long as the tree has grown.

Wood treated with respect radiates harmonious energy and allows you to enjoy its beauty every day. Oakcent floors develop a love and respect for nature.

We treat wooden floors with natural oils and provide cleaning products that are friendly to your health and the environment. We also do as much as possible to limit chemicals in production, and we recycle all wood waste into pellets for heating.

Technology and craftsmanship hand in hand

Oakcent is a synergy between the skills of master craftsmanship and the latest technologies, robotics, and digitization. Our passion for design and the beauty of wood drives this.

Our technical background makes us a European leader. We glue the floors with reactive HotMelt technology. This ensures durable and permanent joints. Knots and cracks in the boards are precisely filled by the CNC line with natural Swiss putty. After that, we use diamond tools for mechanical processing and treat them with natural oils.

Skilled craftsmen create Oakcent floors. They beautify the oak surface by planing or hand-processing the edges.

The digitization of our production enables us to precisely plan and offer highly individual custom production

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