Private House Židlochovice

  • Židlochovice, Czech Republic
  • Julius Filip

In a modern, well-lit house in Židlochovice near Brno, the interior is harmoniously complemented by several Oakcent oak plank designs.

The clean, fresh space of the house builds its character mainly on oak wood. The floors and paneling are made of very light, bleached Oakcent Ivory oak and support the brightness of the entire interior.

The stairs are precisely made from the boards of the Hazel collection.

Hazel's chestnut brown colour creates a welcome contrast and, at the same time, has its practical function. This colour is ideal for places with increased load, as it absorbs wear and dirt well.

The suspended ceilings are lined with Oakcent Sand boards. That combines the two previous shades. Sand oak planks are closest to the colours of raw oak wood. 

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