Private Apartment Prague

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Oakcent Rustic, Brushed,  Smoked, Milky Oil, Planks

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this apartment showcases the timelessness of the Sand Collection and embodies the essence of tranquillity and natural beauty.

The Sand Collection is a testament to the power of natural materials and the invigorating energy of nature. The palette of natural wood tones evokes a sense of unity and expansiveness, offering residents a serene, Zen-like and peaceful atmosphere.

What sets this space apart is the uniformity of the wood colour across the space. This deliberate design choice creates a sense of spaciousness and visually spreads the energy throughout the space.

The final touch of lightly brushed and lightly smoked planks is the embodiment of craftsmanship. Each plank is unique, with subtle nuances of colour that showcase the inherent beauty of natural oak. In addition, the brushed finish enhances the texture of the wood and encourages a closer connection to the Earth.

To further elevate the serene ambiance, the surface of the wood is treated with natural milky oil. This not only adds a delicate misty touch, but also ensures its longevity.

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