Korbička jewellery showroom

  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Absolut Design
  • Julius Filip
  • Oakcent Premium, Brushed, Smoked, Natural Oil, Chevron

With his talent and hard work, jeweller Luboš Korbička has built a good name and a prestigious brand. His studio, created under the guidance of Absolut Design, is a perfect example of how the brand can be integrated into interior design. It is an honour to have Oakcent oak flooring as part of this location.

Warm golden shades of oak from our Honey collection form a significant part of the interior.

The floor is dominated by smoked planks, which slightly darken the wood, and accentuate the pattern and colour contrasts. All this is enhanced by the creative arrangement of the tree, which is framed in the room by planks with an accentuated dark joint.

The accessories, the marbled cladding,
and the precise workmanship make
the whole interior look like a jewel itself.

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