Karlín Hideaway

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Vladan Běhal Design Studio
  • Lukáš Hausenblas

Originally four rooms with kitchen corner apartment, the Vladan Běhal Design Studio redesigned it as a 2+KK with generous space.

The staircase in the kitchen, which was a source of irritation to the owner, was replaced by a miller's staircase. That freed the passage to the kitchen, creating a dominant element and simultaneously a seating area.

The staircase, as well as the floor, is lined with light-coloured Oakcent Sand planks, which also serve to cover the kitchen worktop. In this way, the whole room is beautifully unified and visually enlarged.

The natural tones of Oakcent Sand bring a fresh elegance to the interior and allow the occupants to experience the soothing energy of wood daily. 

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