Homestead U Lípy

  • Blatiny, Czech Republic
  • Oakcent Rustic, Brushed, Smoked, Mixed Oils (Alpine and Light Grey), 190 mm, Planks

The rural estate in an attractive part of the Highlands fits perfectly into the local environment with its touch of Scandinavian style. Winter lasts noticeably longer here than in lower altitudes. And the Nordic accent is utterly appropriate.

The moderate colour harmony is an interplay of gray and brown shades. And perfectly represented by the brushed oak floor Oakcent Smoke – smoky oak treated with light gray pigment oil.

The Smoke Collection

The colour expression of the wooden floor is pleasantly neutral and soothing, and the entire space directly encourages relaxation.

The gray shades of oak evoke the raw material matured by the effects of the weather and thus harmonize perfectly with the other muted colours of the natural palette. 

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