Healthy Longevity Café

Na zakázku
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Chybik + Kristof
  • Capexus
  • Alex Shoots Buildings

In the heart of Prague’s New Town is Longevity Café, a distinctive restaurant and café where every detail is a celebration of uniqueness and well-being. At OAKCENT, we are proud of our contribution to this extraordinary realization.   Our involvement in the Longevity Café goes beyond traditional flooring - it's a bespoke collaboration that transforms the very essence of the space.

bespoke collaboration that transforms the very essence of the space. The oak parquet is treated with a customized combination of green-blue natural oils that give the floor its unique look. This unique floor extends seamlessly from the interior to the terrace, creating a harmonious blend of natural elements.

The tiles on the patio, color-matched to the oak floors, exemplify the versatility and adaptability of wood in design. OAKCENT's commitment to customization allows us to integrate wood as a central, color-coordinated element that enhances the overall aesthetic.

An indoor green oasis of tranquility

When you enter the Longevity Café, you're greeted by more than just an extraordinary floor. The interior is a green sanctuary adorned with a variety of plants that not only enhance the natural beauty, but also contribute to the tranquil atmosphere. The original design choice of plants as one of the main elements of the interior aims to provide visitors with relaxation and calm the mind during the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

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