• Zurich, Switzerland
  • Evolution Design
  • Peter Wuermli
  • Oakcent Premium, Brushed, Light Smoke, 50% Milky Oil, Planks

Flexhouse on the shores of Lake Zurich features wide glass walls and a white ribbon-shaped facade that winds around the building. It resembles a futuristic ship that came in from the lake and found a natural place to anchor.

The striking exterior architecture and the breathtaking 180-degree view over Lake Zurich and the mountains impress. Built in 2016, this four-story, 173-square-meter house was designed by Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design. 

"The land is on the outskirts of the village, where the village’s houses meet the landscape. The railway line behind the property is a dynamic but calming boundary, and there is a local access road and lake in front of the house. We wanted to create a building that would reflect all of this movement," said Evolution Design CEO Stefan Camenzind.

The color expression of the light floor from
the Sand Collection is close to raw oak wood. Natural shades cozy up the interior with fresh elegance and bring joy during the first steps
in the morning light.

Flexhouse is anything but a square box.
The distinctive facade wraps around the building like a ribbon and constantly attracts attention.
"We gave the space a direction of view. When you drive or take a train, you look in a certain direction, and so does this house. Downstairs,
it faces southeast, from the bedroom, west to
the sunset. And from the terraces on the upper floor, the view is about 180 degrees," adds Camenzind.

The fluidity of the design continues inside –
with an open interior, unobstructed views,
and plenty of natural light that hits the sensitively chosen
Oakcent Sand oak floors throughout
the day. Thanks to the glass walls on three sides, the house blurs the boundaries between
the outside and the inside. The pinnacle of this concept is a top-floor studio with panoramic views and two roof terraces.

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