Bernard Visitor Center

  • Humpolec, Czech Republic
  • B² Architecture
  • Alex Shoots Buildings

The Bernard Visitor Center in the heart of Humpolec is a celebration of traditional brewing heritage. Oakcent oak flooring is an integral part of this architectural masterpiece, its impeccable design and craftsmanship adding a warm and cozy atmosphere to the modern industrial interior.

A symphony of craftsmanship in the Sand collection

The floors of the customer center are literally adorned with Sand collection wood parquet in various widths with a smoky handcrafted finish that creates a unique visual spectacle. The choice of a diagonal parquet pattern adds an extra layer of sophistication to the floor and enhances the dominance of wood in the interior. The oak finish is treated with a custom blend of natural oils to create a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity.

Stairway to Elegance

The oak staircase from the Sand collection gives the entire interior a charm that only traditional craftsmanship can create. Their perfect and precise integration into the overall aesthetic enhances the warmth and coziness that visitors to the center can feel first hand.

Architectural Harmony with Oakcent

Inspired by the industrial character of the brewery, the interior finds its perfect counterpart in the natural expression of oak from the Sand collection. Combined with black cement flooring, copper accessories, the solid furniture and Oakcent oak flooring create a harmonious contrast. As you pass through each room, a diagonal parquet composition connects the different sections of the center.

The Bernard Visitor Center, with its exhibition, shop, and brewery, has become a haven for locals and visitors from all over the world.

The Oakcent floor in this visitor center has become not only a surface under the feet of visitors, but an integral part of the architectural symphony that defines this exceptional space, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.

In collaboration with the architectural genius of B² Architecture, the Oakcent flooring contributes to the overall story of " Old meets New" to reflect the rich history of Bernard Beer at every turn.

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