Apartment with a view of the Žižkov Tower

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Barbora Léblová Studio, Interiors & Architecture
  • BoysPlayNice
  • Oakcent Rustic, brushed, Bianco Oil, 190 mm, Planks

The architect Barbora Léblová has done a masterful job – every look at the interior of the minimalist Prague apartment seems balanced and clean. It creates the impression The Žižkov Tower was built here to make the spectacular view even more impressive.

In this implementation, the Oakcent Sand wooden floor has the most space to express its design. Most surfaces in the apartment have a very decent texture. Nothing deviates too much from the colour palette of natural sand shades.

Light floors from the Sand collection provide the essence of modern interiors, and their natural character will not be ordinary - Sand is synonymous with timelessness.

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