Apartment Malá Strana

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • ID_arch
  • Oakcent Rustic, Brushed, Smoked, Mixed Oils (alpine and light grey), 190 mm, Planks

The unique value of this historic apartment in Malá Strana is the Renaissance-decorated ceilings, which the architects from ID_arch wanted to preserve and leave as visible as possible.  During the reconstruction, architects created a minimum of fixed partitions and used white paint. That gives maximum space for the beauty of the historic ceilings.

The Ivory Collection

In the interior, heavily bleached oak Oakcent Ivory works perfectly as a material that fulfils the purpose set out above with its colour while also contributing to the high value of this unique space. Oak planks from the Ivory collection are used not only for the floor but also as cladding on one of the walls.

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