The reimagined barn in Miłosław, Poland

  • Miłosław, Poland
  • Migdal Studio

Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Miłosław, OAKCENT has boldly reimagined the traditional barn, combining minimalist design with cutting-edge energy efficiency. Our skilled team has transformed this architectural dream into a sublime embodiment of design and function.

Unity of craft and concept

The complexity of the project required a customized approach, an area in which OAKCENT excels. Our contribution went beyond the usual boundaries, demonstrating our ability to navigate projects of significant size and scale.

Although our specialty at OAKCENT is primarily in the design of interiors, in this case we took on the challenge of the exterior cladding as well. This all-around approach on our part was essential to bring the spirit of overall craftsmanship to every nook and cranny of the house. That's also why the Hazel Collection flooring and unique wall cladding were hand selected. In this way, we were able to reinforce the consistent story of the project.

The warmth of Thermopine

The transformation begins with the exterior, which is bathed in the rich, caramel tones of thermally modified pine. This process provides the wood with a warmth that elevates the ambiance of the natural world to one of refined elegance. Thermopine's enhanced properties provide excellent insulation, both thermal and acoustic, so in addition to a warm home, it provides a quiet oasis of calm. On either side of the façade, the Cembrit Patina rough cladding panels provide a tactile interplay, with their rough texture providing a striking counterpoint to the smooth wood. On either side of the façade, the Cembrit Patina rough cladding panels provide a striking contrast to the smooth wood. This deliberate juxtaposition demonstrates our commitment to lasting quality and design excellence.

Harmony of materials

Our collaboration with JAF Polska guaranteed the highest quality materials for the facade and terrace, without compromising on quality or visual appeal. Using Thermopine beams and precision Sihga screws demonstrates our relentless attention to detail.

In the heart of Miłosław, where pastoral serenity meets modern elegance, OAKCENT's influence shines through every carefully selected material and flawlessly crafted detail. We are proud to have played a key role in the design of this distinctive architecture.

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