Busting the Myths: Unravelling the Truth about Wooden Floors and Underfloor Heating 

A correctly installed wooden floor with underfloor heating offers the utmost comfort in your interior space. There's a lot of buzz and misconceptions surrounding underfloor heating with wooden floors, but fear not! We won't burden you with complicated technical terms; our aim is to provide clear explanations without overwhelming you with unnecessary details.

Myth 1: Wood Insulates and thus Causes Heat Loss

Yes, wood does offer insulation, after all, that's why log cabins are popular in colder regions. However, it's an entirely different scenario when wood is laid on the floor, allowing heat to penetrate from below. Beneath the heating system, there lies a substantial layer of solid material and insulation, preventing heat from escaping and directing it upwards into the floor. With our state-of-the-art constructions and skilled installation, we ensure strict compliance with all essential guidelines, providing you with the delightful warmth of wood.

Myth 2: Wood Lacks Heat Retention

Indeed, wood may not match the heat retention of tiles, but oak floors, unlike any other wood, proudly showcase their unbelievable hardness, compactness, and high density, ensuring they hold warmth like a charm. Therefore, when using OAKCENT wooden parquet, we debunk this myth, and you can indulge in the opulent sensation of walking on a warm wooden floor.
Here's the real game-changer - wood boasts a huge advantage over tiles. At the same room temperature, wood will always provide a much more delightful and cozier feeling.

Myth 3: Underfloor Heating Causes Damage

With OAKCENT's precise installation techniques and top-notch underfloor heating technology, there's no need to fear cracks or irregularities. While troubles may arise during significant changes in humidity and temperature, they are rare in typical households. Wood's beauty lies in its affinity for the same indoor conditions as we humans enjoy, ensuring a harmonious ambiance for both you and the wood.
Theoretically, if you install heated wooden flooring in a cottage with a 5°C winter temperature and suddenly raise the heating to the max, it could potentially harm the wood. However, the outcome also depends on humidity and installation quality.

Our Rules for Wooden Floors and Underfloor Heating

1. Choose the Perfect Wooden Flooring

Opt for the durability and stability with premium multi-layered wooden floors, just like the ones we use at OAKCENT. The high-quality oak layer is bonded to a plywood base, creating floorboards with minimal susceptibility to warping, bending, or other deformations. With a thickness of around 15 mm, they are perfect match for underfloor heating.
Solid wood floorboards are less suitable for underfloor heating due to their thickness (over 2 cm) and slower heating time. Additionally, they are more prone to deformation compared to our multi-layered wooden floors.

2. Trust the Experts

Leave your worries at the door and entrust our professionals with the flawless installation of your wooden floor and underfloor heating. From immaculate subfloors to underfloor heating installation and meticulous laying, to careful adhesive selection and ensuring ideal climate and humidity conditions, at OAKCENT, we handle every detail to create an experience that surpasses luxury.

3. Select the appropriate underfloor heating

The choice of the type and functionality of underfloor heating is also crucial. We recommend water-based underfloor heating, but it has the disadvantage of uneven heat distribution and significantly longer heating time. While electric options abound, we caution you to choose wisely for a perfect symbiosis with your wooden floor.

4. Impeccable Electric Underfloor Heating

Choosing the right underfloor heating system is essential, as not all brands and types offer well-designed regulation. If not chosen wisely, it can lead to sudden overheating and temperature fluctuations, which might pose issues. However, here at OAKCENT, we've had fantastic experiences with the HeatFlow electric underfloor heating. Instead of traditional heating cables, it utilizes carbon fibre heating mats. This innovative design ensures the even distribution of heat across the entire floor surface, eliminating any concerns of localized overheating and providing a perfect symbiosis with your precious wooden floor.

Experience perfection. At OAKCENT, we extend a warm invitation to elevate your lifestyle to new heights and embrace the enchanting blend of luxury and comfort in your living space. Our wooden floors with underfloor heating epitomize the pinnacle of style and comfort for your interior. 

Get in touch with us today and let your home resonate with a harmonious symphony of luxury, delighting your feet with every step.


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