Solid wood flooring

Solid wood floors have a timeless beauty and natural warmth that enhance the visual appeal of any room. The natural grain of the wood and the variety of colour shades add elegance to the floors and create a harmonious connection with nature in the interior. The following information can help you make an informed decision if you are considering a solid wood floor.

The attractiveness, long life, and low maintenance requirements of solid wood flooring make it a popular choice for flooring. These are the key benefits: 

Rich design possibilities

With the right choice of wood for a solid wood floor, such as oak, architects will have a wide range of possibilities to create unique interiors.

Solid oak floors are easily stained with natural pigment oils (compared to other hardwoods). Oak can also be worked well by brushing, planning, or other craft techniques to create impressive striking floors. Thanks to our bespoke production and advanced technical background, we can create a shade that perfectly suits your project.

Wooden planks also offer unlimited laying possibilities in attractive patterns. Your massive floor (as well as wall and ceiling cladding) can be truly unique. That will enhance the character of the whole interior. 


With proper maintenance, solid wood floors can last for decades. Wood has never gone out of fashion, which is more than can be said for some floor coverings. 

Solid wood floors that have been oiled and waxed can be renovated repetedly without sanding. That means that the thickness of the material is preserved, and you can enjoy the renewed surface of your floor every couple of years. No other type of flooring can offer this.

When professionally installed, a massive oak floor is guaranteed to be highly resistant to deformation and abrasion. That can be further enhanced by heavy brushing or catting, as well as with multi-layer construction. Of course, OAKCENT offers a complete service, from choosing the floor to laying and maintenance. 

Easy maintenance

Solid wood floors do not require complicated maintenance. Maintenance consists of regular vacuuming and mopping. We recommend using products specially developed for oiled and waxed wood (or lacquered wood). These ensure gentle cleaning of the floor and subsequent surface protection against moisture and dirt penetration. 

Health & Ecology

Solid wood flooring helps improve indoor air quality. Unlike some synthetic materials, oak does not release harmful volatile organic compounds. That contributes to a healthier environment. Walking barefoot on a textured wooden surface provides the experience of connecting with nature.

Trees are exceptional carbon absorbers - they store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Compared to other flooring materials, the production and processing of hardwood have a relatively low environmental impact. In addition, the energy required to produce solid hardwood flooring is usually less than that required for synthetic or non-renewable alternatives. Furthermore, wood is a readily biodegradable material.

For OAKCENT oak flooring, we select wood from regenerated European forests. We focus on high-quality natural materials throughout the product and production process.   

Construction of a solid floor

The construction of the floorboards in a solid wood floor significantly effects its stability.\

All wood expands and contracts when exposed to different temperatures and humidity levels. The planks can warp. The joints can bend and creak. All-solid boards, so-called planks, are particularly prone to this.\

The multi-layer construction we use for OAKCENT floors is much more stable. The tread layer is made of European oak, and the lower 'bearing' part is made of conifer or birch multiplex. We join these layers together using hot melt technology and high pressure.

That achieves maximum strength, and the massive floor resists torsion and cracking. It can withstand heavy loads, even in commercial areas.   

Solid wood flooring and underfloor heating

Solid wood flooring combined with underfloor heating offers truly perfect comfort. The wood is a pleasant material to walk on when it comes in contact with your feet, and you will look forward to the heated wood floor on cold days.  At the same time, there are certain myths about solid wood floors and underfloor heating. These myths relate to heat damage or excessive thermal resistance of wood. Don't let this put you off. Follow the tested parameters and rules instead:
• Choose a solid floor with a multi-layer construction and a thickness of up to 15 mm.
• Entrust the entire project - substrate, heating system, and installation - to professionals. They will be familiar with the relevant standards and procedures.
• Modern electric heating mats with precise temperature control (such as HeatFlow) are the ideal solution for underfloor heating. 

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