Oak floors

Oak floors have been a valued element in European buildings since time immemorial and for good reason. Oak adds an unmistakable elegance to interiors and enhances their value. Come and find out more about the benefits of oak floors and what they can do for you.  The main qualities of oak as a flooring material are its attractiveness, durability, and ease of maintenance:   


All wood expands and contracts when exposed to different temperatures. That can cause various problems on the floor - warping of planks, irregular joints, or creaking. Oak flooring is one of the best options when it comes to stability.

Compared to other hardwoods, such as maple, oak offers higher dimensional stability when exposed to moisture and temperature changes. That also makes oak perfect for installation over underfloor heating.

The construction of the individual planks also has a significant effect on the stability of the floor. 

Hardness and durability

Oak is one of the densest hardwoods available. The most common method of measuring the hardness of wood is the so-called "Jank's scale." To give you an idea, the soft spruce we are all familiar with has a value of around 400. Oak has a value of about 1200.

This characteristic makes an oak floor hard and durable. It can withstand regular impact. A high-quality finish also contributes to the durability of an oak floor. 


Oak flooring looks great and is easy to stain with natural oils (unlike other hardwoods such as beech), which means there are endless design possibilities for wood floors. The architect may design a particular colour to suit your interior, and we have no problem manufacturing them.

The grain of the oak itself is attractive. That can be further enhanced by choosing to sort the boards according to their character - from very smooth, uniform grain to highly rustic pieces with knots and colour contrasts. 


Oak floors require very little maintenance. However, their condition will depend on the finish of the surface and the amount of traffic to which they are exposed. For best results, always ensure that your floor is professionally installed. With OAKCENT floors, this is a given.

Do not use harsh cleaners or other chemicals on oak floors. Use the products prescribed by the manufacturer. These are simply added to the water when mopping the floor. The maintenance of an oak floor is very easy.   

Oak flooring finish

Wood is a unique natural material. It 'breathes' indoors and has a positive effect on the climate. Anyone who has a textured oak floor in his or her home will enjoy walking on the wood with their bare feet.

We use only natural oils to treat the surface of OAKCENT floors and preserve the natural character of the wood. These oils are available in a wide range of colours.  The oil impregnates the wood and protects it from moisture and dirt, but at the same time, allows it to "breathe". This is not possible with a lacquered surface, which has characteristics similar to vinyl or laminate floors.   


From a structural point of view, the OAKCENT oak floor is a multi-layer floor. The treading layer is made of fine European oak and the lower "support" part is made of birch multiplex or conifer wood. The layers are glued together under high pressure using Hot Melt technology.

This construction is much better than solid boards and ensures maximum resistance to twisting and cracking. The OAKCENT floor can withstand heavy loads, intensive use and normal fluctuations in indoor temperature and humidity.   

Oak flooring on underfloor heating

A professionally installed oak floor combined with underfloor heating offers the highest possible comfort in the interior. At the same time, you should not be daunted by the myths associated with this topic. Just keep a few key rules in mind:

• Choose a multi-layered wooden floor with an appropriate thickness of up to 15 mm.
• Entrust experts who are familiar with the relevant standards and legislation to carry out the entire installation - substrate, heating, and flooring.
• Modern electric heating with precise temperature control or heating mats (HeatFlow) are the best solutions. 

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