Exploring the Process of Custom Production for Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring brings warmth, elegance, and a touch of nature to any space. While ready-made options are readily available, custom production allows you to personalize your wooden flooring to match your preferences and unique requirements. In this article, we will take a closer look at the process of custom production for wooden flooring, examining the considerations and steps involved. 

Understanding your needs

When it comes to custom production, the key lies in understanding your unique preferences and the space where your flooring will reside. Our experienced project manager will engage in a detailed discussion with you, leveraging their expertise and technical knowledge to offer guidance and recommendations. We consider factors such as your lifestyle, the location within the space, and the visual impact you desire. 

Selecting the Right Features 

Based on your inputas and requirements, we carefully consider several features during the custom production process. 

1. Final Touch

We start the decision-making process with the final touch, making it both enjoyable and effortless. The final touch has a significant impact on the floor's colour and your day-to-day experience. You can choose from various options, including pigmented or clear natural oils to achieve the desired colour shades and effects. For a truly distinctive and authentic appearance, you can even opt for a flame-burnished surface.

Charring and Smoking: Techniques such as charring and smoking enhance the wood's natural characteristics, adding depth, richness, and a touch of antiquity to the flooring.

Natural and Coloured Oil: Applying natural oil preserves the wood's ability to breathe while providing protection. Coloured oils, created with mineral pigments, offer an extensive range of hues to choose from, allowing for customized colour palettes. 

2. Floor Surface

The surface treatment plays a significant role in the overall appearance and feel of the flooring. Options such as brushing, cross-cutting, peeling, and aging can be applied to achieve specific textures and vintage looks. 

3. Character and Structure

The selection of wood grain, knots, cracks, and colour nuances contributes to the unique character of the flooring. Customers can choose from options like premium, rustic, and heart, each offering a distinct aesthetic appeal. 

4. Width and Length

Custom production allows for flexibility in determining the width and length of the floorboards. Tailoring the dimensions to the interior space ensures a cohesive and visually appealing result. Boards can range from 125-255 mm in width, with lengths up to 3 m, or even opulent boards measuring 300 mm wide and 5 m long for ambitious projects.

5. Construction

The construction of the flooring is a vital consideration for its durability and resistance to various conditions. European oak is commonly used as the tread layer, supported by a stable birch multiplex foundation. The layers are securely glued together using advanced HotMelt technology, resulting in a robust flooring solution capable of withstanding heavy traffic and fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

6. Design and Patterns

One of the highlights of custom production is the opportunity to create unique patterns and designs with flooring. The layout of the boards can significantly impact the final aesthetic impression. Options like herringbone, chevron, planks, and custom designs offer versatility and allow customers to unleash their creativity. Whether it's a classic horizontal composition or a more intricate pattern, the chosen layout can transform the entire ambiance of the space. 

Production, Delivery, and Installation

Once we finalize the design and specifications together, your order enters the production phase. Our skilled craftsmen and advanced technology combine their expertise to bring your customized flooring to life. After production is complete, we carefully deliver the flooring to your address, ensuring its safe arrival. For a flawless result, we offer quality installation services backed by our experienced team. However, if you prefer to handle the installation yourself, you have the flexibility to purchase the flooring without installation, although we cannot guarantee the quality of the installation in such cases. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way in creating a space that reflects your unique style and preferences. 

Maintenance and Care

At Oakcent, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and that's why our project manager will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to care for your custom-produced wooden flooring. From guiding you during construction to assisting with routine cleaning and long-term maintenance, we've got you covered. As a special gesture, we'll also present you with a personalized Clean&Care kit, featuring ecological cleaning agents exclusively formulated for wooden floors.

By following these instructions, you can actively cherish and nurture your exclusive oak wood flooring. Embrace its natural beauty, create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space, and rest assured knowing you're living in harmony with nature. 

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