Transform Your Space with OAKCENT:   Explore Six Exquisite Oak Flooring Collections 

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your living or working space, not many things rival the timeless elegance of wooden oak flooring. With its natural warmth, durability, and versatility, oak flooring has been a beloved choice for centuries.
Among the leading brands in the industry, OAKCENT stands out for its commitment to customer service, craftsmanship, and diverse collections. Let's explore six of OAKCENT's remarkable oak flooring collections, each offering unique charm and style.

SAND Collection: Embrace Nature's Serenity

For lovers of natural materials, the SAND Collection captures the essence of wood's beneficial energy. With its natural shades, this collection infuses interiors with fresh elegance and brings joy as the morning light gently illuminates the space. The light floors from the SAND Collection embody a minimalist or Zen essence, offering a contemporary touch to modern interiors. To ensure its longevity in OAKCENT, we protect the oak planks with a sensitive surface treatment based on natural oils.

HONEY Collection: Embrace Cosiness and Timeless Appeal 

The HONEY Collection showcases the traditional look of oak wood treated with natural oil. This collection radiates warm and relaxing energy, adding a soothing ambiance to any interior. Its pleasant golden colour, enhanced with pigments, creates a cosy atmosphere. The HONEY Collection's versatility allows it to beautify various interior styles, making it an ideal choice for historical reconstruction projects where preserving the building's character is paramount.

HAZEL Collection: Embody Tradition and Elegance 

The HAZEL Collection pays tribute to the ancient tradition of oak wood, a material highly regarded for its nobility and comfort. With its hard brown wood, this collection inspires respect and creates a solid grounding in any space. The dark floors of the HAZEL Collection pair perfectly with modern furniture and refined textures, making them an excellent choice for offices, workshops, and interiors inhabited by respected professionals and mature personalities. The oil with brown pigment used in this collection emphasizes the grain of the wood, giving it a traditional look of aged oak with a charismatic patina. The oils permeate and protect the surface without suppressing the natural wood look, making the HAZEL Collection highly valued for places with increased foot traffic and commercial spaces.

IVORY Collection: Illuminate Your Space with Purity 

The IVORY Collection brightens your day with refreshing energy. The colour white symbolizes purity and rebirth. The white pigmentation in the oak parquet creates a fascinating interplay of light, exposing the natural wood patterns and softening the wood's character. These floors effortlessly pair up with natural materials and saturated colours, creating a delightful contrast in your interiors. The IVORY Collection is particularly suited for modern, Scandinavian-styled spaces, adding an airy and clean look.

SMOKE Collection: Discover Calmness in Grey 

The SMOKE Collection showcases the enchanting combination of grey and wood, creating a calm, serene space for shared moments and focused work. This collection's restrained aesthetic excels in industrial interiors, such as lofts and commercial interiors, where its practicality shines. The grey tones of oak wood evoke the feeling of weathered and matured raw materials, reminiscent of old beams bleached by the sun or logs soaked with sea salt. We have developed the colours of the SMOKE Collection in collaboration with experts in natural oils.

INK Collection: Embrace the Bold and Distinctive 

With the INK Collection, black takes centre stage, creating interiors with a distinct atmosphere and the power to make a lasting impression. Dark wood exudes luxury without being showy or flashy, allowing other colours and elements to shine alongside it. This collection finds its place in minimalist interiors, offices with a bold character, exceptional showrooms, bars, and restaurants. Black subtly transforms the appearance of wood, creating a distinctive surface that demands an equally dynamic soulmate in your interior design.

In conclusion, OAKCENT's six collections of wooden oak flooring offer a wide range of options to transform your space into a masterpiece. From the cosy and timeless appeal of the HONEY Collection to the bold and distinctive atmosphere of the INK Collection, each collection has its unique character and charm. Whether you prefer warm natural shades or the elegance of grey or black, OAKCENT collections will express your personality in the interior.

Our collections are also a great inspiration for those who seek a unique masterpiece and want to create a custom dream floor. In such cases, there are no limits to your imagination and creativity. Together with our experts, you can conjure up a unique work of art - from striking colour designs, through unique patterns and compositions, to covering walls and ceilings, creating an endless spectacle.

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