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A resilient and durable product produced in the most natural way possible.

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The floor is visually the largest area in the interior; it anchors us. With this in mind, it is important to us that we produce a resilient and durable product in the most natural way possible.

Perhaps our production is best characterized by the term technologically-aided manufactory - we are not industrial production. At the beginning of the production process our formatted boards are cleaned and adjusted by hand and chisel with manual labor. The important artistic elements are done by hand, in our country, and the human touch is clearly visible in the end result.

That being said, we still make it a point to invest in sophisticated production technologies as well as state-of-the-art equipment. We have even digitized our production system to specifically suit our needs, and to help enable us to produce at the highest quality possible. We bind our Oak tread layer using Reactive Hot Melt technology, which joins materials on a molecular level and ensures the perfect cohesion of individual layers.

The individual colours of wood acquire their final form at various stages of the production process.

We use surface treatments based on the unique properties of the oak wood and its natural reaction with certain raw materials and fabrics. Our methods are based on personal experience and long-term know-how. The shades of the Oakcent collection are versatile and can be used with other essential elements of the interior: windows, doors, as well as built-in furniture and tables.

For the final treatment of the wooden floor, we use only 100% natural oils with free air-drying technology. By doing this process the floor acquires excellent durability and the wood retains its natural properties. Minimal and stress-free maintenance is required for the long-term functionality and health of the floor.
Oakcent principles