United design for floors, stairs, windows and doors.

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We are able to provide the unique Oakcent collection due to our close cooperation with other leading Czech manufacturers. For the windows we work with the company Janošík Okna and for the doors, the company Dorsis, which are both proven standards in their respective industries.

Our paths crossed organically due to our common interests, values and shared goals of building a long-term quality brands. When we work together on a construction project, we start with the fundamentals that form the skeleton of the house. Windows, doors, and floors are all part of the concept; the layout and materials play a vital role in the quality, utility and value of the entire project.

Oakcent primarily focuses on collaboration with architects, designers and other creative industries.

Only if a project has great emphasis on the quality of materials, precise craftsmanship, and reliable service, then we offer our services through a comprehensive process.

We aim to create living spaces that bring harmony to people and contribute positively to stable physical and mental health. It is essential to emphasize timeless solutions that are relevant for future generations–this is why we work with only quality materials. We do not succumb to short-term trends or cheap and quick solutions. Let Oak wood serve for as long as it grew.
Oakcent principles