Let Oak wood serve for as long as it grew.

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For our floors, we use exclusively wood from European Oaks (Quercus Robur), which always comes from proven Central European locations.

Oak is a tough, tall and long-lived tree. It can grow in many types of soil and environments.. It will not reach its typical massive size nor develop its extensive crown until several decades, and it is not of full age until it reaches its full maturity. Some of the trees can be up to thousands of years old, in Europe there are several specimens numbering more than 1200 years of age. The oak wood itself reflects these properties. Due to its durability, it can be used for a variety of purposes. In the past it was used for the production of mill wheels, columns or construction piles and today it is used to make various building structures, floors, tiles and furniture. It is also a very malleable material that can acquire different aesthetic qualities over time.

The strength that allows the Oak to carry the heavy weight of its own crown, is also present in its wood, which we use to create our planks.

It is no coincidence that the Oak has historically had such strong symbolism in both mythology and culture. Woodpeckers and solitaires are essential in the ecosystem, providing food and refuge for many species of insects and mammals - Oak forests tend to have the richest diversity of the European forests. It has been a valuable tree for people for thousands of years, it is almost primordial. Its wood is among the strongest in the world and is more robust than exotic woods, as it does not split and is not brittle. We recognize the Oak by the typical drawing of annual rings with high contrast between the individual rays.

In a way, the Oak tree is an essential symbol in our company philosophy. We do not do things hastily, and we never take the easy way out. Therefore, we understand the strength and pace of the Oak tree and believe that there is no better choice of material other than Oak. We have developed our products gradually with careful and meticulous precision, no different to how the Oak searches for a more efficient routes to deep groundwater for its roots.
Oakcent principles